Ryan Hunt

Business Driven Engineering and Technology Leadership

Ryan is a powerful and charismatic leader of Business, Technology, Quality Assurance and Software Design. He has led several start up endeavors both in and outside of large enterprise. His experience in strategic Technology initiatives includes successful expansion of profitable lines of business, implementation of ecommerce systems, creation of new service lines, startup and pre IPO venture capital solicitation and structuring.

He has managed teams integrated into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Agile and SCRUM+ methods. Experienced in good coding practices, he has developed Intellectual Property in text based search and probability classification.

His educational background is diverse and deep, spanning disciplines and persisting into the present.

Exposure to a broad array of individuals gives him the ability to harness the talents of diverse teams of people.

Ryan is an executive leader with ability to mentor and motivate teams encompassing sales, marketing, research and development, IT, operations and finance in fast paced high-pressure environments. He is capable of defining, monitoring, and driving towards success based on goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). His global cultural exposure makes him a valuable asset in any environment where team members may be next door or across the world.

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