Who in the world is Ryan Hunt?

Which Ryan Hunt are you looking for? 

Welcome to "The Ryan Hunt Disambiguation Page".

If you are looking for the harmonica playing educational technologist Ryan Hunt, here I am. 

A simple simple search at the modern day oracle, Google, will clearly show there are enough people with this name to make a haystack out of needles.

To help guide you in your quest I have gathered together some links that may help you find the person.

First: Me. That is, the me yet undiscovered.

The following Google search, while not perfect will tend to show me higher in the search results.

If you are looking for me, you will know it by reading the pages on this site. Browse around. Follow the links. 

Some quick links to further confirm, will lead you to information about me on some of the more popular social networking sites that allow profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Xing. More are scattered around this site, so please read on.

Some of the more popular search rankings will lead you to a musician, project manager, engineer, kayaker, gamer, and more.

While I do like games, and have lead a team of 40+ engineers developing such high traffic sites as Gamespot.com, GameFAQS.com, MetaCritic.com, and more, unless you are looking for the Ryan Hunt that is ready to revolutionize the entire gaming industry, the gamer Ryan Hunt you will find on Google is probably not me.

While I have gone kayaking, and enjoyed it immensely, it has been years since I have kayaked, and would really need to start all the way over from the beginning were I to try to go after it again. If the kayaking Ryan Hunt is who you are looking for, its not me.

While I have been a project  manager, I have moved to a different place in my career, and not really sure that I will be heading back here anytime soon. The many Ryan Hunt's that are project managers, are most likely not me. 

While I am an engineer, not all engineers are built alike, just like all Ryan Hunt's are not built alike. If you are looking for the Ryan Hunt that can come on and lead a team of engineers and technologists to successful creation of disruptive technology. You are probably looking for me.

To even more confuse the issue, I currently live in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. If you were to search for Ryan Hunt in Idaho, you would quickly find that there are many of us here. You might look at the Ryan Hunt who is currently in real estate, and think that is me, but in this your chances are 50/50. Both Ryan Hunt's in the Treasure Valley have been involved in real estate at multiple points. 

If you are looking for the Ryan Hunt in Idaho described on activerain.com you are not looking for me.

I am however me. No matter how many Ryan Hunt's you find around the web, there is only one me.

I hope that clears up a few things.

At this point read on, and reach out to me through one of my social media outlets.