Technology: The Beginning

The flame that burns inside me. Why I do what I do.

Ryan Hunt at the San Diego ZooIt seems like the first memory of working with technology in a proactive way was when I got my first Radio Shack wire-it-up kit where I could attach wires from one spring to the next to create different kinds of circuits. What a thrill to make my first crystal radio. 

Science, Technology, and Engineering were natural things in my life growing up. Going with my uncle to the Stanford particle accelerator is a memory indelibly etched on my memory to this day.

But at the same time I recognized the power of technology.

At first I was obsessed with technology for the sake of technology. Technology gave me what I wanted, and what I wanted was more technology.

My entrepreneurial spirit took hold and drove me from one venture to another. A number of which you can find documented here on this site. I was desperately trying to find ways to bring the future to the present and make manifest my dreams in reality.

Now however, while the spirit of entrepreneurship still lives in me, and the passion for technology permeates every atom of my being, I find the most exciting aspect of technology is the ability to empower others.

Many see the social web as a distraction, and for many it is. Yet, there is something there, in the in-between milliseconds of electron packet transmission that provide us hope. It is the hope that somewhere out there is knowledge. That somewhere out there is freedom.

Elections. Movements of ideas. Medical knowledge. Legal help. Freedom. Money. Pure science, and even spiritual transcendence. All these and more are sought on the lightwaves coursing like veins and arteries underneath the skin of this planet.

These are the things that continue to drive me in my passion for engineering, and my love of technology.

The beginning of my life in technology started with something so simple as connecting a few wires to springs that acted as clips to form a circuit. Today the best things are still that simple.

Twitter, changing the world 140 characters at a time.

Facebook, bringing friends and family together across the globe.

Google, combing through a seemingly limitless field of information and providing relevant search results on the latest cancer treatments in under a second.

While the technology behind each of these is mind bogglingly complex (and fun). What each of them provides is a simple way to connect one person to another, and it is within this vast interconnected web of people that we find our hopes and lay to rest our fears.

This is the fuel that feeds the flame of information and freedom, and empowers everyone.

It is this flame that burns in me, and is why I do what I do.